My Favourite Kame's Solo Songs!!


I'm back again! Now, I'm going to talk about my favourite songs from Kame's solo songs. Eventhough I knew Kame from watching his dramas but I also like his voice too. Kame's solo songs mostly ballad, medium tempo, and about heartbreaking or one-sided love songs. Even before becoming a hyphen, I already liked and mostly listen to heartbreaking ballad songs so I really enjoy listening to Kame's solo.

So, this is my favourite Kame's solo songs (ps: note in order). Check it out~!!

1) Aishiteiru Kara
I really really like this song so much!! Not only among Kame's solo song, but among KAT-TUN'ssongs, Johnny's songs, J-POP's songs, this song is special. My number 1 song!! One word for Aishiteiru Kara: "PERFECT!!" The lyric, the music, and Kame's voice are so perfect and blend to each other. For the lyric, Kame did co-wrote with Satomi san. .......................
2) Can't Cry
3) 1582
4) Someday for Somebody
5) Zutto
6) Rain
7) Vanilla Kiss
8) One Way Love
9) Lost My Way
10) Natsu no Owari

I also like Kame's songs from his butai "Aoi shushi taiyou no naka ni aru". I forgot the title tho but I like his solo songs and his duet song with Takahata Mitsuki (the heroine in this butai). The songs in this butai were blues and I thought Kame did well even in blues genre. Unfortunately, Kame didn't sing that songs in his solo concert "Follow Me". That's why, I really hope if Kame will have another solo concert, he will sing the songs from "Aoi shushi~". Because I need the clear version of that songs, not just from fanvid and fanrec (lol) and I believe Kame will perform it so well and amazing like he always does.

My Rain CD!!

Here the photo of my CD "Rain" that came a few weeks ago. I bought all 3 version (yeah!!)

Finally, I could watch it from TV. Kame looked so handsome, cute, beautiful, and sexy in Follow Me concert. I will always follow you, Kame~!!

I really like the packaging, the colour, and the image on this single "Rain". So awesome!! Especially when I opened the LE1, I got a welcome by this great man...

It's really worth with the money I spent for it. I'm happy Kame released his first solo single and his first solo concert at once because it means the money that I need to pay won't be too expensive even with 3 version. Banzai!! Banzai!!

Ok! That's all for this post.
See you in the next post ^^

Kame's First Solo Single "Rain"

Hello..............!!! I'm back again ^^

Today, I received my copies *banzai* After waiting for a week, my copies of "Rain", Kame's first solo single came. I was so happy. I can't wait to watch it on tv!! But I will watch it later when my parents will go back to my hometown. It's impossible to watch it with them in home, right (lol) I still not open it yet but I already downloaded it. So, I will give my impression about it here...

Kame's first solo single called "Rain". It was a soundtrack song for his dorama called Strawberry Night Saga. This single released in 3 version - LE1; LE2; RE. I bought all 3 version *yay!! ^^*
In this single, it had 6 songs. There were 4 new song: Rain, Ima, Michi, and Te wo Nobase. The other 2 songs was an old songs that had not been released before: Plastic Tears and Vanilla Kiss. I will talk about the songs in this post.
This single also came with Kame's first solo concert, "Follow Me". There were 2 version of Follow Me: The Tokyo International Forum and Edogawa Hall. I will talk specifically about Follow Me on the next post, ok!
There were a few videos too: Rain PV and Making; Te wo Nobase PV and Making; and Kame Sanpo.


Now, I will tell about the songs in "Rain" single. Here we go!!

1) "Rain": It is a dramatic ballad song. It's about a deep love story. Not the music but Rain somehow gives me Aishiteiru Kara feeling. That sad heartbreak feeling. This kind of song really goes well with Kame's voice and I really have big soft spot for it. Rain will be one of my favourite Kame's songs. In Rain PV, Kame looks so handsome with suspender style. The PV also looks different from KAT-TUN style. In this PV, Kame shows many emotions and I really like the part when he yelled out his emotion in red light.

2) "Ima": When I knew Kame would make the music, at first I thought he would make a simple ballad or jazzy music typical of Kam but he proved me wrong. Ima sounds dramatic and he even rap. The opening is so catchy and the guitar part in the opening and ending are great. Good job for your firts did a music. Do it more!!

3) "Michi": It is a warm and calm song. I really love it!! It tells about Kame's gratitude to his parents and his hometown. It's like a typical of song that you will sing in the end of the concert.

4) "Te wo Nobase": It's a baseball theme song for this year. Just like other baseball songs, Te wo Nobase is an energetic and fun song. The PV is so baseball (of course, right hahaha) but I like when Kame performed this on Shounen Club Premium. It was so fun and the choreography was good too.

5) "Plastic Tears": It's an old song that Kame sang for the first time in Shounen Club. Plastic Tears is like the sexy song on this single with Kame's sexy voice. Kame performed Plastic Tears in Follow Me concert too.

6) "Vanilla Kiss": It's an old song for Kame's jewellry CM before. I've been waiting to listen to the full version of Vanilla Kiss. I love it so much!! The music and Kame's voice are great. He performed it for the first time in Follow Me and it was so gorgeous.

That's my impression about the songs in Rain. I like all of the songs. I hope can have second solo concert so he can perform all the new songs in his single (I hope they will release it into DVD again *amien*)

So, see you on next post!!

KAT-TUN’s Concerts “UNION” & “CAST”

Hi!! I’m back again. For this post, I’m going to talk about KAT-TUN’s concerts “UNION” and “CAST” that had been released on April. For the first time we got a Blu-Ray for KAT-TUN’s concert *clap-clap... They relesead it on 3 version but sadly I couldn’t buy anything this time because I used the money to buy all 3 version of Kame’s first solo single “Rain” that will be relesead on 15th May. Not only this is Kame’s first solo single but it also has Kame’s first solo concert “Follow Me” so of course I must buy it. I will talk more about “Rain” and “Follow Me” in the next posting, ok!

So, back to KAT-TUN. They were many bonus videos that included in CAST such as solo angle on 4 performances, documentary video, hidden video about the skit corner KAT-TUN did in CAST concert, and tour final W encore. First, I will talk about my impression on UNION then CAST.


UNION was the first concert KAT-TUN did after recharging period. They held the concert in Tokyo Dome. For me UNION was like another version of 10Ks! with a happy ending. If 10Ks! had the emotional part in the ending, UNION had the emotional part in the opening. 10Ks! and UNION had the same concept which was “a ship called KAT-TUN”.
In the opening, they would show us a clip from “Kimi no Yume, Boku no Yume” performance in 10Ks! and the part where KAT-TUN disappeared and became 3 lights based on their members colors. After that, they would ask the audiances to sing a few line from that song then the 3 lights came and KAT-TUN would suddenly appear and continue to sing that song in accapella. That moment was so emotional, dramatic, and unforgetable. I cried on that part (T-T). It was like, “KAT-TUN really is back!”
Just like in 10Ks!, KAT-TUN sang their old songs and for solo corner they sang KAT-TUN’s songs. Kame performed “Ray” with acrobatic, Ueda sang “Ai no Command”, and Nakamaru sang “Right Now”. There was an accoustic corner too where they sang “Smile” and “4U”. I really liked that corner!! It was great. There was also the part where Ueda played the piano, Nakamaru did beatbox, and Kame sang. They chose to sing “Polaris” in that way. It was so amazing!! I really liked when KAT-TUN sang in that way. I hope they will do that more in the next concerts.


After UNION, KAT-TUN did summer arena tour, “CAST”. The title was the same like the album they released before the concert. For this concert, each member performed their solo songs from the album. For the first time, Kame’s solo song was in full English and I thought his pronounciation was getting better. The title of Kame’s solo was “One Way Love”. It was a one sided love song to his female friend that he loved more than a friend. This time Kame really challenged himself. Not only his solo was in full English, but he also performed it in full contemporary dance. Kame wanted to perform it in the darkness with only a spothlight on him. That’s why, before the performance, they asked the audiences to turn off the penlight but sadly they were still many who didn’t turn it off. Even like that, Kame did a great job for his solo. I was so proud of him *clap-clap. He did a movement that I never expected he could do it and he performed it with great emotion too. I think, Kame is suit with contemporary dance. Compared to Kame’s previous solo performances, “One Way Love” was like Kame’s usual performances, it was dramatic but in calm or simple way. Only Kame performed on the stage without back dancers and property, simple lighting with only one light, and simple video along the performance. “One Way Love” became one of my favourite Kame’s solo performance for sure.
For concert logo, CAST was being written with different font for every alphabet. In the concert, they really used the alphabet so well. One that I really liked was when they used the alphabet to introduce Uchuu Six and Johnnys jr. Uchuu Six was a Johnnys jr that had been appointed as KAT-TUN’s main back dancer. They had been Kame’s back dancer for Follow Me and KAT-TUN’s UNION.
Eventhough KAT-TUN already did concerts as 3-nin (10Ks! and UNION) but CAST was like “THE REAL” 3-nin KAT-TUN Concert in my opinion. You could see that they were ready to performe as 3-nin KAT-TUN. I also liked the costume especially Kame’s red lace costume. He looked so beautiful especially with his brown medium hair. He looked like a maiko (lol).
There was a part where Kame would interact with little kid too. It was so cute! KAT-TUN also performed some of the songs from their newest album CAST. It was so great!! Eventhough it was in arena but the lighting was so great. As expected from KAT-TUN!!

Okay! That is my impression from UNION & CAST. My conclusion is that both concerts are amazing and fun. KAT-TUN really did a great job. I’m proud to be a hyphen. WE ARE KAT-TUN~!!!

See you on the next post ^_^

My Favourite Kame's Photos in "Yume yori, Kame"

Hello~ hisashiburi desu nee...

Like stated in the title, I will post it here. Check it out!!

Here, my favourite PHOTOS...

There are many photos nee (lol)


Btw, I also have japan magazines too.

The J-POP Magazines (two on the behind), I bought it in Indonesia. While the two magazines on the front were bought by my older sister when she went to Japan. I asked her to buy me Sours Gummy candy too but she couldn't find it (T_T). Many fans said it is good so someday I hope I could eat it.

Okay! That's the end of this post. Maybe later I will talk about Kame's first solo single "RAIN" that will be released on May 15th!!

Jaa! See you~

My First KAT-TUN's Album!!!

I bought KAT-TUN's album...........!!!

This was 3 nin KAT-TUN first album after their recharging period. The title was "CAST"
There were 3 version and I bought only LE-1. The bonus only lyric booklet, sadly no poster (T-T)
This album had many new 3 nin KAT-TUN's songs, 16 songs + 3 solo songs. We got 2 PVs: Unstoppable and KUN. Unstoppable was dark and cool PV, while KUN was dorama kind of PV.

My favourite songs in this album were 'Don't wait', 'Negai', and 'Ready for This!'
I listen to those songs a lot. For this time, Kame's solo song wasn't a ballad. It was kind of RnB, I think. The most suprising was, the lyric was all in English! His pronounciation was good for Kame's level. He really challenge himself this time. Well done, Kame!

See you in the next posting! ^^

"YUME YORI, KAME" getto da ze!!

Hi! Like what is written in the title, fu fu fu~ finally I got my copy of “YUME YORI, KAME” (yay!)

The PB is compilation of Kame Camera since the first volume + off shot pictures of Follow Me VTR + long interview. It is quite thick about 160 pages but the size is small if we compared it with Kanata kun’s PB. The series and the long interview are in Japanese, of course. But fortunately, the series had been translated into English before but for the long interview had been translated into Chinese only for now, maybe later there will be English translation (amien).

Beside the cover, it also has the soft cover(?) I don’t know the name in English so yea... just called it like that. I will put the photos of the cover and the soft cover here and also my favourite photos in the PB. I think, it will be a lot hahaha.... Maybe I will put my favourite Kame’s words here or in the next post, ok.

Here is the cover and the soft cover...

Behind the cover, there is (hidden) words written there, “Are You Ready?”
In KAT-TUN 10Ks! concert, in the last part they also wrote “Are You Ready?” on the main screen. So, I think we knew whose idea that words nee. By the way, KAT-TUN already revealed their comeback concert’s title called “UNION” and also the concert logo.

The logo for this time has very deep meaning behind it. It’s related to a history, if I recalled corectly, it’s about 3 arrows are stronger than 1 arrow, something like that. And the ban(?) in the middle (in the history there is no ban) is a representatif of “hyphen”. It seems the logo and maybe the title too are Kame’s idea. Why? Because Kame has a ring which has 3 arrows as the design and that 3 arrows design is inspired by that history too. That’s why many hyphens (International and Japan) thought that it must be Kame’s idea. And Kame likes history and he’s kinda sappy/romantic/dramatic too, so I also agreed that it must be Kame’s idea.

Ok! Back to Kame’s PB.....

In Kame’s PB, there is the so called “dangerous pages” (I named it by myself though), you know *smirk*

It is off shot from Follow Me VTR. It’s dangerous, sexy, hot, handsome, artistic, and very tempting pages. My favourite pages, I suppose. Kame becomes so manly in this pages hahaha... Maybe because it’s sexy photos with woman model. The story behind the VTR is there is a woman who asked Kame to be his painting model and Kame agreed. In the proces of painting, they fell in love or maybe it just spur of moment, I don’t know. So, because they are fine adults, they have sex or making out several times. Such as, having sex with blue paint all over your body (kinda kinky hehehe), on bed, and on the swimming pool. But after that steamy hot moment, they have a fight and it seems like the woman dumps Kame or maybe they broke up, I don’t know for sure. Eventhough like that, Kame seems still can’t forget that woman because in the VTR, there is a scene that Kame comes back to the room expecting that woman still lives(?) there. So, yeah something like that. It just my assumption. I don’t know the right story because there is no english explaination for that.

But you know, maybe it just my silly thought... I wonder does Kame has an image that he will get dump after having sex or he is an easy honey trap target. Because in Joker Game, Second Love, Final Cut, and Follow Me VTR, there are scenes where Kame got dump by the heroine after they had sex (lol). So, I hope it just an image, not happening in real life. If it happened, you can come to me, Kame. I won’t dump you for sure. I have a confidence for that *WTH I’m thinking hahaha

Aside talking about PB, KAT-TUN’s Ask Yourself PV preview already being aired. It has dance part too. I like the costume with the black fur (thanks God it’s black, not other colors lol). The concept is good and the set looks artistic too. I don’t know for sure, but I think the budget for this PV is higher than UNLOCK PV. In the PV, there are key hole, keys, and doors. In my opinion, that concept is more match with UNLOCK, right. If we just look at it based on the title. Overall, KAT-TUN’s comeback single after recharging period, Ask Yourself PV, is so damn great and KAT-TUN’s members look so handsome and cool too. Perfect!!!

Not only the PV preview, they also revealed the title of other track song called “Real Face #2”. Hyphens and even not hyphens also shock and curious when we knew about this. Something like this actually isn’t a new thing, you know. KAT-TUN already did it in their debut album. They named it “Real Face #1”. They changed a little bit the original arragement from Real Face. It had ballad feeling. So, for debut song KAT-TUN will have 3 version now hahaha. I’m really curious with the arrangement for Real Face #2 and there is high possibility that there is no rap part at all. Of course it’s gonna be like that right. I mean, it’s impossible for Kame, Ueda, and Nakamaru to beat Koki’s rap. So better not doing it. I just hope Real Face #2 will be great because Real Face #1 was hella good.
Ok! I think, it’s the end for this post.

PS: Real Face#2 is really good and it has rap!! Yeah!! Banzai!!! Ueda did the rap part mostly but Kame also did the rap a little bit. So, let's forget about other Real Face versions and just listen to Real Face#2 (lol)

Because this post becomes long so I will write my favourite Kame's words in the next post, ok!
See you ^^

“First Concert Goods”

Hi~! Hisashiburi desu nee... >,<

For this post, I’m going to write about my first concert goods ever and of course it’s from Kame’s first solo concert (yatta!!). Kame had his first solo concert “The – Follow Me” in summer last year during KAT-TUN’s recharging period. Talking about KAT-TUN’s recharging period, it was OVER!!! In JCD 2018, KAT-TUN ended their recharging period. Finally! Thanks God!! Banzai!!! #KAT-TUN even made into TTWD for hours. Not just hyphens who were happy with this news but many other JE’s fans from other groups also felt happy for hyphens. That was “The Power of Johnnys Family Fans” (Thanks for other groups fans).
In JCD, KAT-TUN sang “Real Face” and their new song which was Kame’s new drama Final Cut theme song called “Ask Yourself”. They also announced their 3 days Tokyo Dome Concert on April this year. The latest update was “Ask Yourself” release date, on April too. Just few days before their dome concert.

Okay~ Back to the topic. Kame’s first solo concert goods....
They were many options for the goods like always. If I had money, if I were so damn rich, I would buy all of them. But sadly, my reality is not that smooth and beautiful (T-T). My first plan was to buy the pamphlet, uchiwa, penlight, and t-shirt. That damn sexy poster too. I really wanted to buy it but even if I bought it I couldn’t hang it on the wall. The reason was the poster was so damn sexy and hot. Kame in laying position wore yukata, showed his yummy sexy arm, and with sluty sexy expression. If I hang it on my wall, my family will absolutely labeled me as pervert fangirl (lol). But in the end, I only bought the pamphlet. I was saving my money too for maybe JE would release Follow Me DVD Concert and of course for KAT-TUN Comeback too. Not to forget that I already used my money to buy Kame’s first Photo Book too so yeah....

About the pamphlet, the size was big enough. The cover was simple with white as the background. The image for the cover was the same with the t-shirt. Tho I said, the cover was simple but the inside was cool, rock, stylish, pretty, cute, and sexy. It represented all Kame’s image. The interview inside was in japanese so I couldn’t read all of it and there is no english translation so far so I could only enjoy the photos (lol).

Here my favourite photos from the pamphlet...

Okay! That's all. See you on the next post!! Ciao~

Kame First Photo Book, "YUME YORI, KAME"

Hi! Long time no see 😀

I got a big great news from our dear, kame chan.


This photo book will contain all kame kamera's photos since 1st edition until the newest photo. It also included kame's photos for "follow me VTR". It's so damn sexy, you know.

It will be released on kame's birthday, February 23rd next year. And of course, I will buy it!! Or actually I already pre-ordered it (lol). You could say, I buy it for my own birthday present + it's KAME'S PHOTO BOOK. It's enough reason to buy it, right.

Okay. I only want to share that news.
So... see you in the next post ^^


Finally, my copy came~
I must wait a week + a few days after the release date in Japan. Unlike my previous copies, this time the post man didn't bring the copy directly. I must come to get it by myself in the post office and the DVD's tax was increasing than before (T_T). So back to the story, I got the notification letter from the post office on friday but because I went to my university, I could go to the post office on saturday morning. I went there by public transportation. Fortunately, the post office was not that far from my house, only about 15 minutes.
This was the photo from 10Ks! DVD. In the front was the DVD box

I bought 10Ks! DVD LE (as usual, I always bought LE version) because first I got tempted by the photo book and second we also got CD of KAT-TUN's 3-nin song "Brand New Stage". This time, the photo book had more pages about 120 pages, you know. The photo book was soooo thick and I thought the paper was thicker too than the usual KAT-TUN photo book's paper.

KAT-TUN performed their songs from 6 nin, 5 nin, 4 nin, and their new songs as 3 nin. Not just the songs, they also showed the effects, the concept, the gimmicks, and the properties from their previous concerts. For example, water and fire effects, big balloons, the ship stage, the lottery for posters and their antic when they announced the winners, the TEN-G, Doctor!Nakamaru and Dracula!Kame, and etc... (so nostalgic T_T)

There were many feelings while I watching this DVD. From happy, excited, funny, nostalgic, sad, painful, enjoy, and many more. Usually when I watched KAT-TUN's DVD concerts, I only felt happy, excited, funny, and the other happy feelings, but this time was a little bit different, maybe because it was the last concert before they entered "recharging period".

This time they sold an alarm clock with their voices as the alarm. Each of them showed their character when they said their words. Nakamaru with his kind words, Ueda kun with his wild but kind and cute, and Kame chan with his sexy and naughtiness. Kame chan did kissing voice, you know. I couldn't imagine if I woke up with that kind of alarm, maybe I would smile like a crazy girl (hahahahaha). His girlfriend and his future wife are so lucky. My idol, Kame chan, is really "Johnny's Sex Symbol" (smiling proudly)

KAT-TUN's members didn't sing their own solo songs, but they sang KAT-TUN's songs by their own. Kame sang "Love Yourself" (sooo cute), Ueda kun sang "Change Ur World" (sooo badass), and lastly Nakamaru sang "Star Rider" (our jiji was sooo cool hahahaha).

The most painful and memorable parts in this concert were member's final speech and their hugs. All of them said everything they wanted with their own way, I started to cry from the start I heard it.
The first to say was Ueda. He looked like he was going to cry, you know. Ueda said something like: all hyphens including Ueda's fans to support every KAT-TUN's members when they appeared in TV and hyphens to smile too. The second was Nakamaru. Among 3 of them, Nakamaru is the one who looked so broke down and miserable. He cried, really cried. Watching it made me want to hug and pat his back. The way he said was so typical of Nakamaru. He even misspelled KAT-TUN, he said KATSUN (lol) and Kame even made it as a joke and said "Hello, I'm KATSUN Kamenashi" as the opening for his final speech (lol). The last was Kame. He said longer more than usual but I didn't mind or care at all. His final speech was like a conclusion about everything that happened in KAT-TUN. I thought, the part of Kame's final speech which made hyphens cried like a river was when he said,

"KAT-TUN is K-Kamenashi Kazuya, A-Akanishi Jin, T-Taguchi Junnosuke, T-Tanaka Koki, U-Ueda Tatsuya, N-Nakamaru Yuuichi"

At that part, I couldn't stop my tears. I cried so hard. Kame also said his gratitude to the three ex-members. He also said, "KAT-TUN is a group made of these 6. KAT-TUN might not exist if not for these 6". My 6-nin KAT-TUN feeling was so happy to hear that. It made me love Kame more and more (Kame chan, I love you~ >.<). From his final speech, once again I realized how Kame was trying so hard. He was/is strong person. Kame didn't cry or look like he was going to cry, but I still felt like I wanted to hug him tightly and patted his back softly, without saying anything just giving him a warm hug. Especially, when I saw his back. It was kinda painful and sorrow to see. Like he wanted to take a rest for a moment, to not always put a strong face all the times. I wanted to see his sexy back, but not "that" back. I wish, I wouldn't see "that"  back again in the future.

After Kame finished saying his final speech, Nakamaru suddenly looked at Ueda and walked to him with open arms and crying face. Nakamaru and Ueda hugged each other then Kame joined and the three of them did a group hug. That hug, I will always remember it. When Kame patted Nakamaru's hair and dragged him, it was so cute and funny. They also did the second hug. When they went to the up stage, Nakamaru suddenly turned back to Kame with open arms like he did to Ueda before, then Kame smiled and laughed (btw, me too) then the three did a group hug again. KAT-TUN's hugs were so sweet, cute, and painful too (lol)

On the last concert, they sang "Precious One" with 3-nin style. Half of the song, Ueda played piano, Nakamaru did a beatbox and sang a bit, and Kame sang as the main vocal. That performance was so beautiful. I couldn't get enough watching it for many times. Personally in my opinion, 3-nin Precious Once was the best version of Precious One. 3-nin KAT-TUN really nailed it!!! Even if we compared it with the 6-nin version in their debut concert. I still like 3-nin version the best *thumbs up for 3-nin*

When KAT-TUN did their ritual, shouted "WE ARE KAT-TUN" while everyone in Tokyo Dome was holding hands. That moment was so precious, like a symbol that we really are KAT-TUN, not just the members but hyphens too are KAT-TUN.
They did many encores too (thanks to hyphens power and persistent!! *proud to be a hyphen*). The really last song they sang was "PEACEFUL DAYS". Hyphens in Tokyo Dome yelled K-A-T-T-U-N so loudly and energic. When I watched the DVD, I did it too (lol).

They also shouted "I like you - hyphens - and KAT-TUN" one by one. I also said although from my house (lol) "I also like the three of you and KAT-TUN".

I really really liked this concert, 10Ks! Concert. The best concert as usual from KAT-TUN's concert. I couldn't wait to see them back again on stage and sing their cool B-songs from Tragedy and UNLOCK. It would be amazing!!!

KAT-TUN, please come back soon!!!
I love KAT-TUN so much!!!

Okay, this was the end of this post. I wrote a lot in this post (lol).
See you in the next post! ^^