Forever Being HYPEN ^__^

Finally, my copy came~
I must wait a week + a few days after the release date in Japan. Unlike my previous copies, this time the post man didn't bring the copy directly. I must come to get it by myself in the post office and the DVD's tax was increasing than before (T_T). So back to the story, I got the notification letter from the post office on friday but because I went to my university, I could go to the post office on saturday morning. I went there by public transportation. Fortunately, the post office was not that far from my house, only about 15 minutes.
This was the photo from 10Ks! DVD. In the front was the DVD box

I bought 10Ks! DVD LE (as usual, I always bought LE version) because first I got tempted by the photo book and second we also got CD of KAT-TUN's 3-nin song "Brand New Stage". This time, the photo book had more pages about 120 pages, you know. The photo book was soooo thick and I thought the paper was thicker too than the usual KAT-TUN photo book's paper.

KAT-TUN performed their songs from 6 nin, 5 nin, 4 nin, and their new songs as 3 nin. Not just the songs, they also showed the effects, the concept, the gimmicks, and the properties from their previous concerts. For example, water and fire effects, big balloons, the ship stage, the lottery for posters and their antic when they announced the winners, the TEN-G, Doctor!Nakamaru and Dracula!Kame, and etc... (so nostalgic T_T)

There were many feelings while I watching this DVD. From happy, excited, funny, nostalgic, sad, painful, enjoy, and many more. Usually when I watched KAT-TUN's DVD concerts, I only felt happy, excited, funny, and the other happy feelings, but this time was a little bit different, maybe because it was the last concert before they entered "recharging period".

This time they sold an alarm clock with their voices as the alarm. Each of them showed their character when they said their words. Nakamaru with his kind words, Ueda kun with his wild but kind and cute, and Kame chan with his sexy and naughtiness. Kame chan did kissing voice, you know. I couldn't imagine if I woke up with that kind of alarm, maybe I would smile like a crazy girl (hahahahaha). His girlfriend and his future wife are so lucky. My idol, Kame chan, is really "Johnny's Sex Symbol" (smiling proudly)

KAT-TUN's members didn't sing their own solo songs, but they sang KAT-TUN's songs by their own. Kame sang "Love Yourself" (sooo cute), Ueda kun sang "Change Ur World" (sooo badass), and lastly Nakamaru sang "Star Rider" (our jiji was sooo cool hahahaha).

The most painful and memorable parts in this concert were member's final speech and their hugs. All of them said everything they wanted with their own way, I started to cry from the start I heard it.
The first to say was Ueda. He looked like he was going to cry, you know. Ueda said something like: all hyphens including Ueda's fans to support every KAT-TUN's members when they appeared in TV and hyphens to smile too. The second was Nakamaru. Among 3 of them, Nakamaru is the one who looked so broke down and miserable. He cried, really cried. Watching it made me want to hug and pat his back. The way he said was so typical of Nakamaru. He even misspelled KAT-TUN, he said KATSUN (lol) and Kame even made it as a joke and said "Hello, I'm KATSUN Kamenashi" as the opening for his final speech (lol). The last was Kame. He said longer more than usual but I didn't mind or care at all. His final speech was like a conclusion about everything that happened in KAT-TUN. I thought, the part of Kame's final speech which made hyphens cried like a river was when he said,

"KAT-TUN is K-Kamenashi Kazuya, A-Akanishi Jin, T-Taguchi Junnosuke, T-Tanaka Koki, U-Ueda Tatsuya, N-Nakamaru Yuuichi"

At that part, I couldn't stop my tears. I cried so hard. Kame also said his gratitude to the three ex-members. He also said, "KAT-TUN is a group made of these 6. KAT-TUN might not exist if not for these 6". My 6-nin KAT-TUN feeling was so happy to hear that. It made me love Kame more and more (Kame chan, I love you~ >.<). From his final speech, once again I realized how Kame was trying so hard. He was/is strong person. Kame didn't cry or look like he was going to cry, but I still felt like I wanted to hug him tightly and patted his back softly, without saying anything just giving him a warm hug. Especially, when I saw his back. It was kinda painful and sorrow to see. Like he wanted to take a rest for a moment, to not always put a strong face all the times. I wanted to see his sexy back, but not "that" back. I wish, I wouldn't see "that"  back again in the future.

After Kame finished saying his final speech, Nakamaru suddenly looked at Ueda and walked to him with open arms and crying face. Nakamaru and Ueda hugged each other then Kame joined and the three of them did a group hug. That hug, I will always remember it. When Kame patted Nakamaru's hair and dragged him, it was so cute and funny. They also did the second hug. When they went to the up stage, Nakamaru suddenly turned back to Kame with open arms like he did to Ueda before, then Kame smiled and laughed (btw, me too) then the three did a group hug again. KAT-TUN's hugs were so sweet, cute, and painful too (lol)

On the last concert, they sang "Precious One" with 3-nin style. Half of the song, Ueda played piano, Nakamaru did a beatbox and sang a bit, and Kame sang as the main vocal. That performance was so beautiful. I couldn't get enough watching it for many times. Personally in my opinion, 3-nin Precious Once was the best version of Precious One. 3-nin KAT-TUN really nailed it!!! Even if we compared it with the 6-nin version in their debut concert. I still like 3-nin version the best *thumbs up for 3-nin*

When KAT-TUN did their ritual, shouted "WE ARE KAT-TUN" while everyone in Tokyo Dome was holding hands. That moment was so precious, like a symbol that we really are KAT-TUN, not just the members but hyphens too are KAT-TUN.
They did many encores too (thanks to hyphens power and persistent!! *proud to be a hyphen*). The really last song they sang was "PEACEFUL DAYS". Hyphens in Tokyo Dome yelled K-A-T-T-U-N so loudly and energic. When I watched the DVD, I did it too (lol).

They also shouted "I like you - hyphens - and KAT-TUN" one by one. I also said although from my house (lol) "I also like the three of you and KAT-TUN".

I really really liked this concert, 10Ks! Concert. The best concert as usual from KAT-TUN's concert. I couldn't wait to see them back again on stage and sing their cool B-songs from Tragedy and UNLOCK. It would be amazing!!!

KAT-TUN, please come back soon!!!
I love KAT-TUN so much!!!

Okay, this was the end of this post. I wrote a lot in this post (lol).
See you in the next post! ^^

My Eternal Pairing!!
Hellooooo........ I'm back writing!

Like I said in my previous post that I would talk about AkaKame, my everlasting pairing (OTP / One True Pairing). AkaKame is an abbreviation of Akanishi and Kamenashi. Actually, there are many names for this lovely pairing but the original name is AkaKame. This name was given by their senpai, Hideaki Takizawa (Tackey). Tackey gave them that name because Kame and Akanishi always stick together even before KAT-TUN was formed and because their family names were too long to pronounce so he abbreviated their names into "AKAKAME". Since then, they had been known as AKAKAME.
The other names are Akame and JinKame. Akame is mostly used by international fans. There is a cute philosophy behind akame name. Akame share "KA" together and both of them represent the letter "K" and "A" in KAT-TUN. That's why international fans called them mostly by Akame. The other name is JinKame. I think, there is no special reason behind this name. I rare used this name. I mostly called them as Akame.

Where should I start tell their story? Hmmm.... Akame had long history, you know. Even until now their story still continue, eventhought this pairing have to face many hurdles. There are still akame fans out there, including me (hehehe).
Akame had the same audition for entering JE. They were 1998 generation.

Hi~ I'm back again ^^

In this post, I am going to write about my first KAT-TUN's posters. Yes! My first KAT-TUN's posters = my first KAT-TUN's single that I bought. I got the posters from KAT-TUN's latest single "UNLOCK". I bought all 3 version of UNLOCK so I got 3 posters and 3 photo cards. Personally, I like UNLOCK's posters than TRAGEDY's posters. UNLOCK's posters are cool and I like their costume too.

Among those 3 posters, my favourite is the third poster. Why? Because they look happy, fun, and normal (I mean, not in cool pose) but their smile is the best point ever. I didn't regret I bought the single although the price is same with DVD price (I must start saving money again so I can buy KAT-TUN 10Ks DVD). Beside the posters, I also got 3 photo cards. Unfortunately, I didn't get Kame's photo card or the group's photo card (T-T). I got Ueda and Nakamaru's photo cards. I even got 2 photo cards from Ueda or Nakamaru but I forgot whose photo card I got 2. With KAT-TUN's posters on my room wall, my room became my true room (hahahaha). You will know who is the owner of this room just by looking on the posters. When I wake up and go to sleep I look at KAT-TUN's posters. What a wonderful thing!

So, this is the end of my posting.
See you~

2006.03.22 ~ 2016.03.22


Today is the most memoriable day to KAT-TUN and hyphens (BANZAI!! BANZAI!!)
In 10 years of KAT-TUN's journey since their debut, they had to face many things from the good and the bad things. I think KAT-TUN is a group that has many dramas, from their great and succesful debut, their quarrels, lack of member-ai in front of camera or public, individual big ego, members leaving, announcing a member leaving in Best Artist, and now the recharging period. You can even make a live action drama or movie based on their story, right (LOL).

Because of many things which happened to them, I respect and love KAT-TUN so much, more than before. In my eyes, KAT-TUN's members are really strong and brave. For KAT-TUN's member-ai, although it's so rare for them to show it in public like other JE's group. But if you always watch them and read their interviews, you can feel their member-ai. They have different style to show their member-ai. KAT-TUN is like tsundere type (LOL).

Last but not least, Happy 10th Anniversary to my beloved KAT-TUN!!!
Wishing you the greatest path in the next years. Whatever will happen with KAT-TUN, I'll always be your hyphen.
KAT-TUN is one of the good things in my life. KAT-TUN has a special place in my life and my heart.
I'm happy and lucky to know KAT-TUN and be your hyphen.

Thank you so much for everything you have given to me, KAT-TUN ^_^


My Childhood Collections
I have collected manga since elementary school. I have about 300 mangas. I like reading manga than novel. Manga is light to read, but you still can learn something from it. I had a habit to buy manga every month before, but since I entered university I don't do that habit anymore. Now, I only buy manga every few month.

The photos above are my mangas collection. When I still lived in my hometown (before I entered university) I had always cleaned my mangas once per month, but since I've stayed in Malang for college, it's hard to keep that habit because I don't come back to my hometown every month T_T. Fortunately, I have my father to take care of my mangas because my father is the only one who stays in my hometown because of his work, whereas my mother stays in Malang with me, my older brother, and my older sister to take care of us (thank you soooooooo much to my parents ^_^). In those photos, you can see an action figure, Conan Edogawa, and a doll from Bleach character which I forget his name. I called them, the "guardian" of my mangas (LOL). I got the doll from my friends in Junior High School as birthday present.

Before I became Kame's fans, I totally was an otaku. I liked 2D character so much. My favourite are Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto, Shinichi Kudo from Detective Conan, and Sakurai Eichi from Fullmoon wo Sagashite (Searching for a fullmoon). All of them are ikemen desu yo ^^. Among those characters, I have more soft spot for Eichi kun. I have my favourite Eichi kun's dialogue which has stuck in my heart until now. Sometimes, it gives me power and security. The dialogue that I mean is:

"You are not strong, you just trying so hard"

Those words really stab my heart. Maybe because I want someone to say those words to me (hehehehe). I have an image as an obedient person who will do it in the end as a replace for someone who didn't do it. Actually, I quit good in doing that everytime it needs (LOL!), but sometimes I feel like I'm going to burst out. So, somehow Eichi's dialogue really helps me a lot ^_^.

Okay, I think that's enough for me to tell about my childhood collections. See you again in the next post ^_~
Bye~ Bye~ Bicycle~!!!

My Birthday Present for Kame chan!!
Happy Birthday Kamenashi Kazuya!!
Wishing you all the best, stay healthy, and always be happy.
You will always be my cutest and beloved turtle.

Although my drawing is not good (like idol, like fans right. LOL!), but this is my present to celebrate your 30th birthday.

Hi~ I am back!! Now, I am in a WRITING BLOCKED for my proposal thesis. I can't think of anything!! *so depressed*. That's why I thought I need to do something else, you know to refresh my mind. So, I am just going to write about my beloved TURTLE a.k.a 'KAME chan'. He is one of my happy medicines.

Kamenashi Kazuya (I called him kame or kame chan, like everyone else) is my longest idol until now. I have been his fans since my last year in Junior High School. I knew kame when I watched him as Shuuji in 'Nobuta wo Produce'. That was the first time I watched him. At first, I didn't like him at all because he was SO thin, 1582% not attractive *sorry kame chan*. Kame's attractive point only was his acting at that time. I have loved kame's acting since then. Because of kame, I knew about KAT-TUN and have become their fans 'HYPHEN'.

I got attracted to kame since I watched him in 'One Pound Gospel'. Kame looked better there. At first, I didn't recognize that he was the same person in Nobuta. I felt like "I have seen him before but where....". Then I searched about One pound gospel in google and found kame's name. After that, I knew that he was Shuuji. Kame as Hatanaka Kousaku was so cute, adorable, lovely, energetic, funny, and a little bit baka (hahahaha, but that his charm too). Kame with short black hair was my first love to kame *blushing*. That's why I prefer kame with short black hair. He has been keeping that hair style since Joger Game. LOVE IT SO MUCH~

I have always questioned my self 'why I adore kame that much??'. I can't deny that there are people who are more handsome, manlier, taller, has great voice, dance better than kame, but I don't know, I just got attracted to him, without I realized it. Like everyone said, "Love is blind", right. LOL!! But, the more I know about kame from watching his and KAT-TUN's TV Shows and reading his interviews (I like his KAME KAMERA series so much!! If you want to know about kame, I recommend you to read it). I like his personality too (although I don't know it's real or just fake -but I think it's true-). Kame's personality is like my ideal type of man, or maybe it is the opposite. I mean, because of kame's personality, my ideal type of man is like his personality.

In my opinion, kame is mature, strong, and reliable person, even when he still was young and despite being the youngest member in KAT-TUN. He can speak well too (something that I envy of him T_T). Although sometimes it's not funny or he tells something again and again (but maybe he forgot he already told that topic, right. HAHAHAHA~). Sometime, I can't understand the way kame thinking.

Beside kame's personality, of course I like kame's physical. I like kame's crooked nose, his pouty lips, and his eyes (especially his staring is like a hypnotic for me - LOL!). I also like kame's mole in his right eyes. His mole is in the same position like akanishi's mole, although akanishi's mole is more visible. They are so AkaKame *lovey-dovey*. AkaKame is my best pairing ever (I'll write about AkaKame next time).

One of kame's charm is his unisex. I mean, kame has a manly charm but he also has a feminine charm too. Kame's face is not that girly but his aura and the way he moves are screaming feminine. He can be and can act like a woman in seconds. You must watch kame's wonderful performance in '1582'. Kame was like a geisha in that performance and he succesfully amazed me.

So, I can't think anymore the reasons why I like Kame so much. Like popular words, "Don't think, just feel it".
See you in the next post ^^

My Favourite Kame chan's Dramas or Movies
For this time, I am going to make a ranking for the best 7 kame chan's dramas or movies in my version (of course) so the ranking will be very subjective. Hahahaha~ But let me tell you first that basically I like romance story, any kinds of romance. So, I can imagine that the ranking will full of romance stories. But I think, many of kame chan's dramas (mostly) or movies are romance in any kinds of level, right.

I am going to start from the last position (number 7) to the first position (number 1). So............ let's start the ranking!! *clap!clap!clap!*

7). One Pound Gospel
This drama made me fell in love or really attracted to kame until I has become his loyal fans. I liked kame's acting here, he was so cute, adorable, and lovely. I couldn't get enough with kousaku!! It was so rare to see kame acting with kousaku kind of character, you know. I though, it was suit for him and he did it well. For the story, it was not that kind of story which would stuck in your mind or your heart for a long time. The story was just so-so, not bad and not good either, but quite entertaining to watch and kill your time.

6). Tokyo Bandwagon
The first kame family genre. At first, I couldn't imagine kame with family genre. But, Hotta Ao chan (kame's character) really reeeeeaaaaaaalllllllyyy made my heart doki-doki *kyun-kyun* (LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU AO CHAN!!). As always, kame looks so cool but in Tokyo Bandwagon I really got attracted with his innocent aura, kindness, youthful, and boy next door type. Ao was so refreshing to watch. I liked Hotta's family too. Their interaction to each other was good, like a real family. I really liked the family eating scenes. The good point of the story was the value of love among family. It gave heart-warming feeling, but unfortunately the whole story didn't give big immpact so sometimes it was boring to watch. The love story between Ao and Surumi was bad. There were no skinship interaction which made your heart doki-doki. Ao-Surumi's love story was like teenager first-love story, I was a little bit disapointed.

5). Ore Ore
I watched Ore-Ore two or three times, but I still don't understand it completly. There are some parts I don't get it. For example, why all of the characters have the same face like kame or at the last scene in kame's house when kame said something (forget it *bow*) to his mother.
I could say that Ore-Ore had unique story, not like usual japanese movie. It was refreshing and confusing to watch it. I liked the scene when kame's 3 main characters appeared together. I was so amazed, especially when I watched the making (great job kame chan!!!). Each of 3 main characters have different personality. The normal type, cool type, and youthful type. I liked the youthful type among of them. So cute and adorable. By the way, kame's wig didn't look natural for me. I liked the idea for the ending song and the challenges they gave to kame was nice idea as a promotion. I liked the cooking challenge. Kame with apron. It was sooo.... *blushing*.

4). Nobuta wo Produce
Nobuta was the first kame's drama which I watched. My first impression of kame was, first he was so thin and not that handsome (at that time, I prefered yamapi's looks), and second his acting was so good. I have liked kame's acting until now. I think, nobuta is one of the best j-doramas ever. The story, the cast, and seishun amigo were so awesome. I really recommend this drama!!!

3). Joker Game
Kame as a spy was so cool, sexy, and handsome with his neat-black short hair. Joker Game was japan first spy movie. In my opinion, the action part was not like my expectation, maybe because the action was more like chinese action but with less speed and power. For the story, I liked it. Kame spoke english and mandarin in this movie. His english was good enough for japanese.The scene where kame was trained as spy was so cool. The fast changing clothes, the gun, judo or aikido, morse, english, etc. I also liked the scene where kame was tortured when he saved Rin (played by fukada kyoko). I could feel the emotion from kame and see kame's curve and his beautiful body *echi mode-ON*. Hehehehe
For Kame and Rin love scene, I thought it was not that hot like the promotion said it. The kissing part before they cuddled beside the cow was so standart. I hope more!!! *screaming*, you know like more passion or maybe did a little bit french kiss. The love scene was erotic, romantic, and have an unexpected ending (poor kato jiro T_T).
The soundtrack was Dead or Alive from KAT-TUN. The lyric was so touching and kind of romantic. The melody was so dramatic and suit with KAT-TUN's image, so KAT-TUN-ish.

2). Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
This drama was based from manga, but I have never read the manga throughly, only a few volumes. Yamanade was fun to watch. It had comedy, horror, romantic, and friendship. I liked the theme from this drama, "the complexity about ourself". For me, the best and memorable scene in this drama was in the last episode when Kame and the others saved sunako in the bar. The part when sunako was mugged with gun. Kame's expression and his dialogue were so amazing and touching. Even I wish I were sunako (but only in that scene. hehehe). The way, kame kissed sunako in the last episode was so sweet and unique. It made me blushing and going kyaa~ kyaa~ kyaa~. The soundtrack, of course sang by KAT-TUN with the title "Love yourself ~ kimi ga kirai na kimi ga suki". The lyric was so sweet. I want my future precious one to sing it to me. Hahahaha

1). Second Love & Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
Why there are 2 dramas in position number 1?? The reason is simple, because I CAN'T choose between them!!! They have different point of view about love and romance. I like both of them. So, let's review one by one....
First, Second Love. Kame and fukada, 2 gorgeous people, played again. I liked their chemistry in second love than in joker game. In this drama, you would watch bed scenes in every episode, but the bed scenes were not that hot and open, it was more exotic and sexy (of course because kame and fukada did it. LOL!!). Kame's character was a dancer, so we would see kame's pretty dance and his bare chest. Kame cut his hair in the last few episodes and he looked younger and cute *love-love-love*. Second love was about love in adult way or point of view. The affair, the ex-, the mother, dreams, etc. But the age gap between 2 main characters were not that far, only 6 years older. If we compared it with "Second Virgin" (written by the same author with second love), the age gap was more controversial, the woman was 17 years older than the man. The way they shot this drama was good too. The reflection of kame and fukada in mirror was a nice idea. Beside that, some of dialogues in this drama really gave me deep impression. KAT-TUN sang the soundtrack called KISS KISS KISS. I like this song. KAT-TUN look so hot and sexy when they performed KISS KISS KISS in SCP, but I thought, the song was not suitable for this drama. Fortunately, the side song, "shiroi kisetsu" by MISIA, was so fit for this drama. The melody, the lyric, and MISIA's voice was so great. LOVE it so much!!!

Next, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi or The Only Love in My Life. Contrary to second love, this drama told about young people's love relationship. So pure, soft, sweet, and a little bit poor romeo-rich juliet kind of story. Kame's co-star was Ayase Haruka. They had great chemistry. The best co-star until now. If I compared the chemistry between kamexfukakyon and kamexayase, I would choose kamexayase. Not just in drama but when they did promotion too, kamexayase chemistry was nice. Back to the drama, the friendship among kame, koki, and the other one (forget his name *bow*) was so fun to watch. It made me laugh many times. The soundtrack sang by KAT-TUN too. "Bokura no Machi de" was one of my favourite KAT-TUN's love songs. The melody and the lyric were so suit for this drama. I didn't know for sure but in this drama when kame cuddled with ayase, kame had a habit to touch ayase's ear. LOL! My memorable scene in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi was the scene when kame and ayase said goodbye in the yacht (so sweet and touching). Although they loved each other but they had to separate because they must think about anything else, they couldn't be selfish even they still were about 20 years old (Second Love had this kind of point of view too). I liked kame and ayase's habit to give a sign. Ayase shook the shining toy (kame got it in festival for her) from her apartment room and kame's flashlight from his garage perhaps. Their sweet promise to do that habit again, 5 years after they separated. They did it to show that ayase still was health after she did operation. It was so sweet *doki-doki-doki*.

Sooooooooooo, that is my ranking for the best 7 kame chan's dramas or movies. So long. Hahahaha... ^^
Jyaa, see you in the next post!! (I hope my english would be better)

come Here!! baby.............. >.
Hi......................!! ^^
It's been a lo~ng time since the last time I posted an entry, right. But now I have spare time to write an entry (before I am getting busy with proposal and thesis T_T -wish me luck please so I can finish it soon and smoothly ^^).
This time, I am going to tell about my second collections of *drum-drum-drum* KAT-TUN *throwing confetti*. It is come Here DVD Concert. There were 2 or 3 version (a litte bit forget, sorry *bow*) of this DVD and the one which I bought was the LE version. Why? Why?? Why??? Of course because in LE there was the countdown concert. So, there was kame's hanasanaide ai live performance *drooling*. And who am I to not buy this version, right. I was so stupid if I had not bought it. LOL!!

At the first look, the impression of come Here DVD's cover didn't give big impact if we compared it with countdown 2013-2014 DVD's cover, but don't worry come Here DVD's cover has a unique aspect. What is that?!? The answer is the hand logo on the cover can move, you know. MOVE!! but actually there is a simple trick for that. You just need to move the DVD's box. So simple but great idea, I thought.

When come Here DVD recorded, kame's hair was short and black. He tottally was so~ cute and adorable. He looked like a kid especially when he was smiling and laughing. Ah~!! but unfortunately, they didn't record kame and turtle hat plushie moment. why! why!! *crying desperately*. Kame in countdown concert was so beautiful, gorgeous, and a little bit... hmmm.... slutty you will know what I mean when you watched his hip movement or when he touched his body by himself, and etc.....

About the other members, I liked taguchi kun solo performance then nakamaru kun and last ueda kun. So, let's start with Mr. Gag a.k.a taguchi kun (hehehe...), the performance was simple, lovely, and sweet. the song was so taguchi's style. In the countdown concert he also sang it with "flash". Although there was a miss when he performed Flash but it still was cool. Then, Nakamaru kun. He also sang a song which was nakamaru's type of song, but I liked his idea for the intro video before he performed his solo. It was so fun and interesting especially with nakamaru's face expression. At last, Ueda kun. Ueda's solo was so rock, cool, dark, and gangster's style. The performance was so cool you know, but hmmm... how should I say? it just was not my preference.

come Here concert was so playful, really summer feeling, and cool. The effect on countdown concert was so amazing especially triangle part. The MC part was so interesting and the boys was having fun too. But, I prefered the MC part in come Here tour concert than in countdown concert because too much junior introduction part -in my opinion-. Ah~ don't forget to watch VTR for the goods promotion. That was so funny, cute, and hilarious especially in countdown concert.

Like always, I enjoyed watching it till the end, though I needed about 5 hours or more to finish watching it in one day. That day was like KAT-TUN's day for me (and my family because I boycotted the one and only TV in my house to watch it in DVD player, so sorry my dear family).

So, this is the end of my entry and I will write again in the next entry if I had time.
See you~ and bye-bye~

My Best Soloist
At this entry, I am gonna sharing about my favourite soloist. Aside from my crazy fan-girl feeling to my beloved 4 guys "KAT-TUN", especially to the cutest "turtle" ever a.k.a Kamenashi Kazuya, I also admire 2 guys but of course Kame and KAT-TUN still are number 1 in my heart *HYPHEN MODE ON*.

The biggest reason why I admire these 2 male soloists are their voices. Their beautiful voices grasps my ear and my heart so~ easily as if it needs only seven seconds to fall in love with their voices. So, without wasting time let's just begins the introduction!!

The first place goes to *drum~drum~drum*..............
*clap hands*
I knew Fukuyama from Kame because both were photograped together in magazine so as a good Kame's stalker, no doubt I saw the picture too. From the magazine I did some research about him. From then, I knew Fukuyama is a singer, an actor, and etc (there are so~ many things he does). Then, I downloaded some of his performances and then BANG!! I fell in love with his beautiful voice. The first song which made me going crazy about him was "Michiru". Fukuyama sang the song with accoustic guitar and his voice was so flawless. Not only "Michiru" but I also like Saiai, Sakurazaka, Squall, and Tada Boku ga Kawatta. I prefer Fukuyama to sing ballad or mellow song while playing accoustic guitar. That kind of performance is enough to melt my heart. Aside to singing skill, Fukuyama's acting skill is great too but I only watched some of his projects. I watched "Like Father, Like Son" (I really recommend it) and "Galileo" (I am not finished to watch all season, yet). Though Fukuyama is 46 years old (at this moment I wrote this entry) but he still has the looks and his aura is so cool and manly. He is quite tall too, about 180 cm and has nice body too. So, I don't get bored to watch him~

Next, in the second place is..............
For me, Hirai Ken is the King of Ballad in Japan. His voice is so suit for ballad songs and you can feel his emotion through his singing. So emotional and touching too. He can play piano too, the grand piano, I mean (personally, I like man who can play piano *lovelovelove*). The songs I really like are Boku wa Kimi ni Koi o Suru, Even If, Hitomi wo Tojite, Itoshiki Hibi Yo, and Utsukushii Hito. So many right, yes I know it.Hehehehe~
Hirai Ken is quite handsome and manly too. That's why I am so shock to hear a rumour that he is a gay but that's not my bussiness right. It is Hirai Ken's personal life, so is up to him. Okay, let's back to his voice but I think I don't have anything more to say about his amazing voice. You just need to hear to his voice and you will fall in love with it, be it you hear from his music video or his live performance because you will hear the same quality. But I prefer to watch his live performance because you can feel the feeling better.

So, that was what I could write about Fukuyama Masaharu and Hirai Ken, my favourite soloist.
Bye-bye and see you in the next posting.


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